Our dedicated team has decades of combined experience in teaching Yoga and Selfknowledge. In addition to the core faculty listed below, we also invite eminent speakers as our guest lecturers to share their knowledge and expertise with the students.
Be a part of the solution in creating resilient self, families and communities by developing psychopsiological coherence through Selfknowledge Yoga. In our fast-paced world, life is often moving faster than our emotions and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by emotions like frustration or anger. Our unsorted or unresolved feelings can start to stack up leading to losing control. Emotions such as anger, fear, frustration, worry can often lead to unhealthy stress levels. Knowing what to do to manage or self-regulate our emotions can help minimize the amount of stress we experience.
You are Invited to take a part in unique in their structure and design Teacher's Training Courses (YTTC). The uniqueness lies in the fact that our emphasis is on Self Knowledge and Self Awareness combined with Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. The focus of the training is on establishing yourself in your own essential and fundamental nature through Selfknowledge Yoga, and becoming adepts in Yoga.
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