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Coherence Through Self-Knowledge Yoga

Coherence Through Self-Knowledge Yoga
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Be a part of the solution in creating resilient self, families and communities by developing psychopsiological coherence through Selfknowledge Yoga.

In our fast-paced world, life is often moving faster than our emotions and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by emotions like frustration or anger. Our unsorted or unresolved feelings can start to stack up leading to losing control. Emotions such as anger, fear, frustration, worry can often lead to unhealthy stress levels. Knowing what to do to manage or self-regulate our emotions can help minimize the amount of stress we experience.  While we may experience some stress due to such experiences as traffic jam or something we see on the evening news that makes us angry, that’s not necessarily unhealthy. The real health compromising effect of stress is when we dwell on that anger for an hour or two, or longer. That’s when stress begins to adversely affect our health. 


Evidence based tools and strategies that support critical thinking, emotional stability and resilience are essential for managing our lives, our work and ultimately our ability to positively contribute to the world. Yoga has been a proven strategy that assists in critical thinking and emotional self-regulation by lowering the limbic system activity and increased frontal lobes activity in the brain. It helps us connect with our heart and slows down our inner speed preventing a stress build up.

As we practice hatha yoga, pranayama, meditation, mudras, bandhas, and internal cleansing through yogic kriyas, more and more ease starts to filter in, resulting in a more balanced perspective that can help to defuse emotional reactivity and deal with stress. The resulting state is known as psychophysiological coherence. It involves a high degree of balance, harmony and synchronization among cognitive, emotional and physiological processes. In addition, more ordered and efficient function in the nervous, cardiovascular, hormonal and immune systems takes place.

Psychophysiological coherence helps unleash the quantum power of our hearts, to replace old habits and energy blocks with the higher potentials of our untapped abilities. It can amplify the effectiveness of our love, compassion and outreach.  Selfknowledge Yoga courses are designed to accelerate spiritual growth by creating psychophysiological coherence. These courses will leave you with deeper understanding about heart intelligence and how to use it to charge-up our spiritual intention, clarity and purpose.

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