Why choose Satsang?

Translated from Sanskrit this word means Truth and Association. It’s a kind of communication that helps participants to find the best and makes them work together to strike balance and achieve harmony in their souls and bodies.

Acquiring our goods you receive not only natural products, but also get some wisdom and experience of ancient science and provide yourself a safe and effective care.

We want to let people feel the miracles that nature gives us and experience the magical impact of its gifts: either a powerful painkiller which works without any chemicals or cosmetics that really bring you beauty and health. Of course, in the modern world there are a lot of popular chemical alternatives, but, unfortunately, they show a number of adverse side effects apart from positive ones.

India is one of the few countries that keep their ancient recipes. From generation to generation people use the knowledge and teachings of their great sages, observe the properties of different plants, herbs and minerals, combine them and analyze their impacts.

We often visit this amazing country and we’d like to offer you its natural products, show you its culture through Yoga and Ayurveda and even invite you to join our trip! You can read more about Yoga Teacher Training Course in our rubric Yoga & Self-knowledge, and we assure you it’s very exciting. Yoga knowledge is given there from scratch in all details, so you’ll quickly understand the reasons for certain actions in terms of anatomy, physiology, psychology and neurology. This course will help you to find your inner harmony and harmonize the world around you by means of Yoga and other ancient techniques. Our experienced and caring teachers will become your family during your stay in the Ashram surrounded by a lovely garden.

We'd like you to enjoy working with us. Please, contact us if you have some wishes and recommendations to express!